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This page is made to be an archive of all games made by Neotron Games. We make these games for fun, and you are free to download them and spread them as much as you like. In most of the games the source-code is included, so you can learn from it, continue work on it or use parts of it in your own projects. All we ask is that you keep the archives downloaded from this page intact, toghether with their read-me's and everything else included. Games will be uploaded in the order they were made, so the further down the page, the older they get.

Have fun while playing our games!

Before We Were Dead

"Before we were Dead" began as a side-project to one of our dream projects called "Limb of Eternity" but soon grew into a complete game in its own right.
It's a relatively simple roleplaying-game with elements of aquatic platforming but its real strenghts lie in its richly developed world and atmosphere.

Take your time and explore, don't skip the text and just float with the waves.
Much of the lore in this game will have impact on our later works.

As a young Fishling the time has come for you 
to travel to Spipreef and begin your journey to adulthood. 
The Sea, however, is a dark and mysterious place and more terrors
than Badfish lurk in the deep waters around Spipreef. 

Enjoy and share your thoughts and theories (?) with us!

Current version : 1.1.
Licence : GPL and CC BY-SA 


Anonymous said...

Can your possible do a port of this for the Caanoo also?

Imerion said...


I would like to do a Caanoo-port, but I don't have a Caanoo. It might be possible to do one anyway though. Since the Caanoo has more memory than that WIZ I wouldn't need to cut down on graphics and backgrounds as much as in the WIZ port. So if I do a Caanoo-port I want to do it properly, with all the graphics from the PC-version included, and that might take some time. But I will most likely fix one sooner or later!

Anonymous said...

Since this program is licensed under the GPL, where can I obtain the source code? The compiled version is not useful to me since it doesn't run on my 64bit Linux computer.

Imerion said...

Anonymous, the source code is included in the archives. It's called "Before.prg". The game was made using Bennu ( so the source is compiled and runs through the Bennu runtime.

There are instructions on how to run Bennu on a 64-bit Linux system here :

Perhaps that helps!

Anonymous said...

This is cool! Is it really going to be "continued?" The city with the guilds sounds fun, and it would be interesting to see the reef after the events of the game.

Anonymous said...

Also, it would be fun to expand on parts that seem mysterious, like the boxes (coffins?) that speak, and the pink character (whale?) at the bottom of the dark roads. It would be interesting to find some insight into what they are. (Perhaps they are already explained in the game as it is, and I just haven't figured it out yet).
Anyway, great work!

Imerion said...


Nice hear from someone who really enjoyed the game and it's mysteries. :)
It might be continued. We have a lot planned for Episode 2/3 but decided to work on another project for the moment, partially because we got so little feedback from this. The game we are working on now is however set in the same world, but millions of years in the future. So some elements will come back and be explained further.

But Episode 2 and 3 would have explained most or all of the mysteries in the game. There's so many small details we put in the game just so we could bring them back later on and surprise the player. :)
You might be able to deduce part of what the stones are in the game as it is now. But the pink creature and the bottom of the dark roads has to do with sources of "Endless Chaotic Energy", which is a concept that ties in with many aspects of the game, but is never explained in it.

Some day we might get back to it and create episode 2 and 3. The perfect way would be if we could put all 3 episodes together and publish them somewhere, but I doubt that will happen. Still, if we get more feedback it's not impossible it will return in some form or other. :)

Anonymous said...

Just downloaded and played it today. I enjoyed it thoroughly. There's quite a bit of details put into it. I would love to see the next episode.

Anonymous said...

hi,This is cool! Is it really going to be "continued?" The city with the guilds sounds fun, and it would be interesting to see the reef after the events of the game.see my blog
thanks admin

Imerion said...

Nice to hear you like it!

About Episode 2, check my post above. It's possible we will continue it, but for the moment we are working on some other projects.

Raahi said...

i've downloaded dis game and enjoy when i play!

Emma said...

i think its real strenghts lie in its richly developed world and atmosphere.

iphone ipod said...

: )I would like to do a Caanoo-port, but I don't have a Caanoo

Anonymous said...

Please make the next one so we can see where this story leads :)

Anonymous said...

Also, not to belittle the rest of the game, but nice music!

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