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This page is made to be an archive of all games made by Neotron Games. We make these games for fun, and you are free to download them and spread them as much as you like. In most of the games the source-code is included, so you can learn from it, continue work on it or use parts of it in your own projects. All we ask is that you keep the archives downloaded from this page intact, toghether with their read-me's and everything else included. Games will be uploaded in the order they were made, so the further down the page, the older they get.

Have fun while playing our games!


BeatBox was, once again, made for a compo. This time the GBAX 2007 Coding Competition. It's a rythm-based game where you have to press buttons in beat with music. Since it was designed for the GP2X button layout, it might be hard to play on a keyboard. But you can find such versions here anyway if you want a challenge. :)
Current version : 1.2.


tombuben said...

Please, could you port this game to wiz?? PleasePleasePleasePlease?

Imerion said...

forces, sorry for answering so late. I rarely check the comments for the older games. I might try porting it once our latest game is released and out.