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This page is made to be an archive of all games made by Neotron Games. We make these games for fun, and you are free to download them and spread them as much as you like. In most of the games the source-code is included, so you can learn from it, continue work on it or use parts of it in your own projects. All we ask is that you keep the archives downloaded from this page intact, toghether with their read-me's and everything else included. Games will be uploaded in the order they were made, so the further down the page, the older they get.

Have fun while playing our games!

Railroad Rampage

Railroad Rampage is a cross between an arcade game and a strategy game. It is similiar in construction to many "Tower Defence" games, but it has a twist : here, you are part of the action and can affect the game in many different ways more than just building structures. Bandits are trying to rob your train and steal all precious cargo! Thankfully, you are a skilled engineer who can construct many different kinds of turrets and use them to defend your train. You have to make it through 25 waves of relentless enemy assault before you reach your destination, so plan ahead and devise a smart strategy and you may survive!

The Wiz version of Railroad Rampage won first place in the GP32Spain Tower Defence Contest!

Current version : 1.2.
Licence : GPL and CC BY-SA


Rechosen said...

Nice game! Enjoyed playing it :). Though building only left-facing gatlings works too well, just beat both easy and hard with that strategy (and hard didn't feel any harder than easy).

Aetius said...

Great idea, great design, fun music, interesting turrets.

Unfortunately, it comes down to filling the five cars on the right with left-facing gatlings, upgrading to +dmg cars, and getting tracers. Once that's done you can walk away and let the game finish itself - even the saucer doesn't make it fully onto the screen before it gets blown away by the concentrated gatling fire.

With a little balancing, this could be a really great game that defines its own niche between arcade and tower defense. There are many options - making the armored zeppelins more resistant or even immune to gatling fire, for instance.

Aetius said...

I took a look through the code - the difficulty levels apparently only affect your starting gold and health, not the progress of the game. That's why it doesn't seem to get harder.

Also I had to fiddle with the launch script to get it to actually include the bgdruntime folder on my machine (Gentoo 32-bit). Pretty sure that it is my issue, but it needed double quotes to actually set the variable and LD_LIBRARY_PATH needed to be exported in order to be seen by the bgdi interpreter.

Also a note - it was not intuitive for me that the player can click on the chilis or stars and control them. My initial understanding was that you could only affect the turrets themselves, not the shots.

Imerion said...

Thanks for the kind compliments!

I know the gatling turrets are way to powerful, but that will be fixed in version 1.1 along with other balance fixes and improvements.

I also uploaded another version of the start script today, adding export, so it should work as intended now.

As for the chilis and stars, I think that is mentioned in the ReadMe. But I could mention it in the in-game tutorial as well.

Please tell me if you have any other ideas and suggestions.

EtnaDagen said...

I get this error:

/[...]/RailroadRampage_Linux/RailroadRampage.prg:3: error: Library "" not found ("mod_grproc")
bgdi: error while loading shared libraries: ./bgdruntime/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

Am I doing something wrong? I'm on Fedora 11 64bit

Imerion said...

I don't think the Bennu runtime will work on 64 bit for the moment. Sorry. But there might be a 64 bit version in the PPA Repository mentioned here :

Aetius said...

There are specific instructions on how to set up 32-bit Bennu in a 64-bit environment.

Imerion said...

Matt, I will release a new version soon. You mentioned you had to change the start script to make it work. Currently, it looks like this :

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./bgdruntime:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
export PATH=./bgdruntime:$PATH
bgdc RailroadRampage.prg
bgdi RailroadRampage.dcb

Should I change something to make it more compatible with other systems? I'm not sure what you mean by double quotes.

Imerion said...

Version 1.1 is here!
Changelist is as follows :

Lots of balance fixes.
Many speed improvements for the Wiz version.
Income now changes depending on difficulty-level.
Some new and improved graphics here and there.
One new upgrade.
A pause function.
A few smaller bug fixes and enhancements.

Aetius said...

I meant enclosing the value in quotes, like so:

export VALUE="sample value"

I don't think it is necessary, and the new one should be fine - if it doesn't work for someone, hopefully they will speak up. :)

AMDmi3 said...

Thanks a lot for the game and for making it opensource! I've just added it to FreeBSD ports collection (, along with bennugd port.

I'd also like to ask you to include game version into distfile names, to avoid confusion in future (for example, FreeBSD ports use checksums to verify distfile integrity, so if a distfile for a new version is placed under the same name as an old one, the port will break).

Also, I'm mirroring the files (, feel free to link to it. These indirect links are so clumsy :/

AMDmi3 said...

Ah, I've forgot. If possible, it'd be nice to have Escape key exit the game if it's pressed before menu appears, or (better) make menu appear instantly. It's somewhat annoying to wait till the menu appears to exit the game.

Imerion said...

AMDmi3, you're welcome! And thanks for porting it to FreeBSD and for mirroring the files! I agree these file upload services are a bit clumsy, so I'll rather use your link.

What do you mean by include the game version in the distfile names? If you tell me how to do it, I can probably fix it. :)

As for the escape button, I'll fix that in the next version. The logo and title screen only needs to be shown when the game is first started, so pressing escape will display the main menu directly instead.

AMDmi3 said...

> so I'll rather use your link
Ok, just ping me so I update it when you release new versions. All contacts are on my website.

> What do you mean by include the game version in the distfile names?
I meant naming files like instead of

And another tiny suggestion - when you change turret direction with mouse, it may change direction two or more times if the click is not fast enough, which is undesired.

Imerion said...

Okay. I'll fix both those things in the next version.

Imerion said...

I am currently working on a new version. If anyone has any suggestions for things to change/add, especially balance changes, please post them here.

Rens said...

A way to choose to play in windowed mode would be nice.

jk said...

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jk said...

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Imerion said...

Version 1.2 is done! This update is a lot bigger than the last one. Changelog is here :

Added five new levels and a new final boss.
Some levels have thunderstorms with lightning that strikes turrets.
Sombreros now also work as lightning rods.
Added a manual in PDF format.
Some big optimizations.
Loads of balance and bug fixes.
Many other usability tweaks, like :
- Keyboard shortcuts for opening menus can be used in all versions.
- Game can be exited immediately at the main menu by pressing ESC again.
- Menus will not fold out when dragging a star.
- Screen mode can be switched from fullscreen to windowed and back again using the F-key.
- Volume controls should work on Wiz now.
- Switching turrets is less sensitive.

qubodup said...

I can't find the source (and can't run the game, being on 64bit :) ) am I missing something?

Imerion said...

qubodup, the source is called RailroadRampage.prg and is included in the archive. The game uses the Bennu interpreter, so you can follow these instructions to run it on a 64 bit system :

Imerion said...

If you use Ubuntu, there is also a nice PPA you can use :

Jozef Riha said...

here's a pkgbuild for arch linux if anyone needs it:

Jozef Riha said...

hmm, for some reason score is not saved. i did chmod 777 but it still does not work. anyone got a clue?

Imerion said...

Thanks Jozef, more packages are always nice! Would it be okay if I linked to that page from here? Now that there are packages for two different systems I though I might link to them from the main page.

I have no idea about the score though. It works fine here. If you remove the score file the game will create a new one, perhaps it will work then?

Jozef Riha said...

strange - i cannot reproduce the problem anymore. everything seems to be working again. anyway.. feel free to link my pkgbuild - it's no secret. arch linux users should check aur anyway :-) i'll see if i can make pkgbuild for other games you created, tried epicfreefall but i'm getting an error during compilation:
freefall.prg:29: error: Unknown identifier ("FULL_SCREEN")
dunno, what gives.. joe

Imerion said...

My older games don't use the Bennu interpreter, but the older Fenix one. I think that is why you get that error.
The game might run if you add this at the beginning of the program, just after "program name;" :

import "mod_grproc";
import "mod_key";
import "mod_map";
import "mod_math";
import "mod_proc";
import "mod_rand";
import "mod_screen";
import "mod_scroll";
import "mod_sound";
import "mod_text";
import "mod_video";
import "mod_wm";
import "mod_file";

If it still won't work I am probably missing one of them, but I think this should be all I used. Some things might look a bit odd though, since Bennu handles a few things like alpha effects differently. You might simply want to skip packaging my older games and wait for the new ones which use Bennu. ;)

Then again, if there already are packages for Fenix it might be easy to use them instead.

Jozef Riha said...

thank you, now it can be compiled and run. could you please host it on a wget-friendly website so that packaging is possible? thank you, joe

Imerion said...

Good to hear it worked!

Problem is that the only places I have to host the files for the moment are, Mediafire and similar unless someone wants to host them for me. But if you know someplace I can put them that would work, please tell me and I'll fix it.

Jozef Riha said...

how about google code or sourceforge?

Imerion said...

I have thought of that, but they both seem a bit complicated for simply hosting a few files. But I'll look into it.

Jocuri Gratuite said...

Interesting game. A combination of an arcade and a strategy game is really fun to play. thanks for sharing.

Janice said...

Would it be okay if I linked to that page from here? Now that there are packages for two different systems I though I might link to them from the main page.

Janice said...

Now that there are packages for two different systems I think I might link to them from the main page.

Imerion said...

Janice, which page is it you want to link to them from?

I would prefer if you linked to "" instead of directly to the files, so those who want the game always get's the latest versions and can look around my page and post comment, etc.

Girls kids games said...

it's seem great game,.
Thanks for share the game download..

Now, I just build games blog,. so,may I put it into my blog ?


Imerion said...

Sure, put it in your blog! But please link back here so those who wants it gets the latest versions and can post comments. :)

AliVouchers said...

Great piece of information ! Thanks for all this.

aslam said...
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